Center for Pediatric Research CoBRE

Researching Children’s Health in the Upper Midwest

The Center for Pediatric Research fosters a collaborative and supportive environment for its innovative pediatric research laboratories. We contribute to enhancing children’s health research in South Dakota and across the Upper Midwest.

What We Research

The Center for Pediatric Research provides a framework for scientists performing research related to understanding the basic biology of human development. Researchers work in either a unique disease-based model or as it relates to the manifestation of clinical abnormalities that present during childhood.

Our interdisciplinary center applies genetic, biochemical, cell, and molecular biology approaches across model organisms to characterize alterations during development as they pertain to pediatric diseases.

How We Support the Scientific Community

The center supports and mentors junior investigators (project leaders) researching how key regulators of cellular pliancy contribute to the developmental origin of pediatric disorders. The leadership team provides project leaders with an individualized mentorship plan to enhance their professional skills and further their research goals to become successful, independent investigators.

The center also supports two interdisciplinary cores:

  1. Biochemistry Core
  2. Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics Core

These provide center affiliates and regional scientists with key expertise and access to the latest technology.

Our Publications

To learn more about the research center, see the published research under its CoBRE grant.

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Meet Our Team


   David Pearce, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator
   Kyle Roux, Ph.D.
Program Coordinator




External Advisory Committee

Robert Friesel, Ph.D.
Senior Scientist and Director
Center for Molecular Medicine
Maine Medical Center Research Institute

Anthony-Samuel LaMantia, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology
Director, Institute for Neuroscience
George Washington University

Donald Becker, Ph.D.
Charles Bessey Professor of Biochemistry
Director, Redox Biology Center
University of Nebraska

Linda Thompson, Ph.D.
Putnam City Schools Distinguished Chair in Cancer Research
Member, Arthritis & Clinical Immunology Research Program
Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Sanku Mallik, Ph.D.
Director & Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences
North Dakota State University

Daniel Geschwind, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry
Director, Center for Autism Research and Treatment
University of California Los Angeles

Project Leaders

 Michelle Baack, M.D.
Mitochondria, metabolic plasticity and cell fate in the developmental origin of fuel-medicated cardiomyopathy

LJ Pilaz, Ph.D.
Epigenetic mechanisms regulating neuron production during cortical development

Center Graduates



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