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The Weimer Lab focuses on understanding mechanisms of polarized signaling involved in development of the cerebral cortex. These processes are known to regulate the proliferation and placement of neurons, formation of axons in differentiating cells and long term maintenance and trafficking within these same processes.

The Weimer Lab draws on expertise in cell and molecular biology, genetics and behavioral neuroscience to answer questions that bridge from basic mechanisms to translational and clinical approaches to treat human disease. These questions answer how and why various scaffolding or “signaling complex” form in neurons, how disruption in these complexes can contribute to human disease and determine if these complexes may serve as druggable targets.

Specifically, the team explores a number of mechanisms involved in neural stem cell proliferation, neuronal polarity and axonal outgrowth and trafficking with the hope of advancing our knowledge of neurobiology and aiding in the future treatment of rare neural developmental disorders. This includes projects focused on neuropediatric disorders including Batten disease, cortical malformations and neurofibromatosis type I.

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