Research Design and Biostatistics Core

Analytical Support for Researchers

The Research Design and Biostatistics Core provides a centralized resource of analytical expertise. Specifically, the core assists with project planning and research designing, data collection and management, statistical analysis, and interpretation and presentation of results.

The Research Design and Biostatistics Core is supported by the Center for Health Outcomes and Population Research (NIGMS CoBRE P20GM121341).

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We provide the following services:

  • Consult on study design, data collection techniques, and manuscript writing or revising
  • Calculate appropriate sample sizes to provide adequate power for their study
  • Develop survey and/or data collection instrument through REDCap
  • Support a wide range of statistical analyses such as generalized linear regression, multilevel regression, principal component analysis, survival analysis, and nonparametric methods
  • Create automated but customizable reporting through R and Shiny
  • Reporting and monitoring of clinical trial data
  • Support basic training on R Programming as well as Design Methods and Statistical Techniques


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