Behavioral Economics Core

Applying research ideas to improve patient and community outcomes

The Behavioral Economics (BE) Core advises on behavioral economics, implementation sciences, and cost effectiveness analyses to translate research findings into clinical practice.

Behavioral Economics
Behavioral economics explores how people’s actions and biases influence their decisions.  Tailoring decision environments can encourage, or “nudge”, people towards making wiser and healthier choices without taking away their freedom of choice. 

Implementation Science
Implementation science studies the optimal logistics of delivering a given intervention and advances strategies that facilitate the uptake of research-based interventions or best practices. In this way, implementation science helps translate ideas into outcomes by identifying, addressing, and overcoming system barriers. 

 Cost-Effectiveness Analyses
Cost-effectiveness analyses aim to categorize the relationship between healthcare costs and health outcomes of an intervention or idea.

 The Behavioral Economics Core is supported by the Center for Health Outcomes and Population Research (NIGMS CoBRE P20GM121341).

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