Human Subjects Core

Human Subjects Core

The human services core (HSC) is a resource for CoBRE Project Directors and other researchers conducting research with human subjects.

The goals of the HSC are:

  • To ensure researchers are adequately supported in executing research projects in compliance with regulatory requirements
  • To coordinate operational components of a research project
  • To assist in recruiting participants in a culturally sensitive and representative manner

Areas that the HSC provides support include:

  • Facilitating institutional review board submissions
  • Coordinating the development of data safety monitoring plans
  • Assisting with recruitment and retention plans that consider variables such as gender, race and ethnicity, developmental stage, disadvantaged status and other important sampling variables
  • Assisting with developing study operational design and execution plans

Additionally, the HSC provides education for the CoBRE Project Directors, researchers and study teams about the NIH’s regulatory aspects and best practices for conducting research with human subjects.

The HSC also assists Project Directors in terms of identifying possible collaborations with IDeA state research sites (e.g., CoBREs, CTRs, etc.) that are relevant to eating disorders and eating behavior, as well as facilitating interactions with the eating disorder research centers broadly.