Experimental Therapeutics Screening Facility

Evaluating Therapeutic Agents

The monitoring of animal behavior and physical presentation is key to understanding animal models of disease as well as assessing the effects of therapeutic agents. The Experimental Therapeutics Screening Facility is a unique collaborative research facility that supports both basic and translational research by testing preclinical therapeutics in vitro and in vivo.

Project managers will work closely with collaborators from academic institutions and research organizations to outline and oversee study design, resource allocation and budget. They will also help develop and manage project timelines while coordinating services provided by Sanford Research to facilitate the evaluation of therapeutic agents through high-content screening assays, behavioral assessments and a variety of histological, biochemical and molecular techniques.

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Areas of Expertise

  • Animal behavior, rodent surgical skills and physiological measures
  • Custom in-situ hybridization (RNAscope) expertise for specific targeting, detection and analysis
  • Histopathology and quantitative image analysis, including high-content imaging
  • In vitro high-content screening and analysis for therapeutics
  • Tailored gene expression design and analysis


The Experimental Therapeutics Screening Facility is focused on partnering with scientists to develop drug screening studies both in vitro and in vivo. Based on project needs, these services may include (but not limited to): high-content screening in various cell lines, short and long term rodent studies that include in-life behavior assessment, physiological measures, long-term survival studies and full necropsy, histopathological studies (including tissue processing and routine pathological stains/immunohistochemistry and imaging) and molecular biological services (rtPCR, RNAscope/in situ hybridization). The ETSF works in concert with a number of other Sanford cores including:

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