Data Exchange Core

Providing Researchers Access to Data Resources

The Data Exchange Core provides a prioritized, resource-effective process for Sanford Health researchers and external collaborators to access healthcare data for their research needs.

The mission of the Core is to effectively analyze health care data to improve health services delivery and patient outcomes.

The use of electronic health records (EHR) data empowers researchers to engage in translational, sustainable, and transdisciplinary research that can influence patient health outcomes. The Core supports activities preparatory to research, research studies, and quality improvement projects that have an EHR focus.

The team assists Sanford researchers and external collaborators with data access while providing guidance on legal, regulatory, and privacy regulations for de-identified and protected health information (PHI).

The Center for Health Outcomes and Population Research CoBRE directly supports the Data Exchange Core.

The Data Exchange provides the following services:

  • Honest broker provides access to Electronic Health Record (EHR) data including aggregate, de-identified, and limited data sets
  • Properly de-identify data by generating unique, confidential keys which allows the addition of more study data in the future, if necessary
  • Training in the use of on-demand tools (i.e. EPIC’s SlicerDicer)
  • Management of submissions for data access committee approval(s) as needed
  • Provide IRB and compliance assistance (in partnership with clinical research) for all EHR related research studies
  • Development of collaboration agreements between Sanford investigators and external collaborators

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