Data Exchange Core

Providing Researchers Access to Data Resources

The Data Exchange Core supplies Sanford Health researchers with immediate and on-demand access to our centralized health care data warehouse. The data we provide has the potential to expose unique obstacles and opportunities for impact in allowing high-quality health care access to local communities. It empowers researchers through streamlined, on-demand tools and prioritized access to health care data, presenting them with the unique opportunity to engage in translational, sustainable and transdisciplinary population health research that has the capability to influence patient health outcomes immediately. The Center for Health Outcomes and Population Research COBRE directly supports the Data Exchange Core.

The Data Exchange Core provides services including:

  • On-demand access to aggregate-level electronic medical record (EMR) data through EPIC’s Slicer Dicer tool
  • On-demand access to detailed EMR data for hypothesis-driven/research projects
  • Training in the use of on-demand tools in Data Exchange
  • Collaboration agreements between Sanford researchers and external collaborators

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