Sanford PROMISE provides STEM education outreach for Sanford Research. We’re working to inspire the next generation of scientists.

Our resources include:

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We spark curiosity and instill problem-solving skills in younger kids – while making science fun.

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Middle School

Students will dive into the basics of scientific learning and examine the “whys” of our world.

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High School

At advanced levels, we help students apply scientific concepts and take charge of their learning.

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The Sanford Program for the Midwest Initiative in Science Exploration (PROMISE) was developed to connect communities in our region with cutting edge science and research. In 2010, Sanford Research created an outreach program to provide science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) experiences for K-12 students across South Dakota and neighboring states...

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Sanford PROMISE Provides Valuable STEM Education

For almost a decade, Sanford PROMISE has connected students, educators and communities with the latest in science and research.

Density: A Fundamental Principle Made Fun

Despite the significance of density in everyday life, students can struggle to understand what it is. Learn how to make density fun and easy for students.

An Edisonian Twist on Failure

To Thomas Edison, getting the wrong answer didn't mean he failed. Learn how to take this approach in the classroom and help students learn from challenges.


Mass vs. Weight


Scientists need to be able to describe matter in a way that translates to all languages and places, including space. Mass is a unit of measure used all over the world – even on Mars. With an understanding of mass, students will have another essential tool in their scientist toolkit.

Get to Know Your Kidneys


Millions of people around the world suffer from kidney disease and kidney failure. The simple explanation of kidney function is that they filter blood. However, if we look closely at the kidney, specifically the nephron, we can see that it is a complex system. The nephron removes waste and also puts water and nutrients back into the blood stream to keep us hydrated. This lesson explores this fascinating organ and the many ways in which kidneys can lose function.

Investigating Blood Sugar


In this lesson, students play the role of doctor as they try to diagnose a patient showing symptoms relating to diabetes. They will investigate how the body acts as a system, discover the ways that sugar affects viscosity and learn about the ways the body regulates sugar.