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STEM Outreach for Sanford Research

Find hands-on, minds-on inspiration for future scientists at the Sanford Program for the Midwest Initiative in Science Exploration (PROMISE).

We teach K-12 students and teachers, undergraduates, graduate students and the community. Our goals: to increase community understanding of science, raise awareness of the benefits of research, and emphasize the role of both in our society.

We thank the following sponsors for their generosity in supporting Sanford PROMISE programs and supplies:

Diversity and Inclusion at Sanford Research

Sanford Research supports an open, inclusive, and accessible training environment for students from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Students who are underrepresented in the biological sciences (including underrepresented minority students, first-generation college students, individuals from lower income backgrounds or rural communities, students with disabilities, and Veterans or members of the Armed Services) are encouraged to apply for graduate, undergraduate, and high school research opportunities.

For questions about diversity and inclusion at Sanford Research, please contact Dr. Jianning Tao, Chair of the Student Diversity & Inclusion Committee, by email.

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