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Primary Research Focus

The host immune response is critical for the clearance of head and neck cancer during chemoradiotherapy (CRT). The Powell Lab focuses on evaluating human bio specimens to assess targets for novel therapies to augment this response during CRT.

The lab also evaluates immune biomarkers in this setting, and evaluates the peripheral blood immunocyte response during standard CRT and during investigational immunotherapy combination CRT clinical studies.

The lab assesses patient immune phenotype and functional response during treatment to determine peripheral blood immune response. It also investigates tumor and tumor microenvironment factors that may impact the host immune response.

Working with other labs, the Powell Lab uses an immune competent mouse model that harbors HPV and tumors to explore novel immuno-oncology agents combined with CRT.

The lab’s goal is to develop a biomarker-driven approach, to include novel therapeutics, into the management of advanced head and neck cancer.

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