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Primary Research Focus

Engel Research focuses on two different but related areas. First, its researchers are currently devoted to contemplating and working to answer questions related to outcomes after bariatric surgery. Most people do quite well after surgery, but the lab is particularly interested in the significant minority of people who experience poor outcomes. We are most interested in problems related to alcohol after surgery, but also study disordered eating, weight regain, insufficient weight loss, depression, hypoglycemia and other less-than-ideal outcomes after surgery.

My second research focus is in the momentary antecedents and consequents of eating disordered behaviors. This area of work has focused mainly on negative reinforcement models in individuals with bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Researchers have employed real-time assessment methodology in both of these lines of research and enjoy using novel and technologically sophisticated forms of assessment to help try to answer difficult questions.

Primary Research Group

Behavioral Science

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