Crosby Research

Primary Research Focus

The Crosby Lab’s major research interests include the use of ecological momentary assessment to study eating disorders and obesity.

Current Projects

  • U54 GM128729: Dakota Cancer Collaborative on Translational Activity. Basson: 9/1/18 to 8/31/23.

  • P20 GM134969: Center for Biobehavioral Mechanisms of Eating Behavior. Wonderlich: 4/1/21 to 2/28/26.

  • R21 AA029145: Reinforcement as a Prospective Predictor of Real-time Alcohol Abuse Following Bariatric Surgery. Steffen/Engel: 9/16/22 8/31/24

  • R01DK130926: Biobehavioral Factors and their Impact on Stress-Related Eating in Obesity. Steffen/Engel 9/21/21 to 4/31/24

  • R01 MH112681: Neural Effects of Negative Affect on Food Choices and Reward in Individuals with Binge Eating Episodes Frank: 12/26/17to 10/31/23.

  • K01 MD017630-01: A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding Obesity Risk among Sexual Minority Women. Fowler: 8/6/22 to 3/31/27

  • K23 MH120347: Adapting and Implementing Family-Based Treatment for Youth with Anorexia Nervosa in Publically-Funded Settings. Accurso: 8/15/19 to 7/31/23.

  • K23 DK114480: Novel executive function training for obesity. Eichen:  7/1/18 to 4/30/23.

Primary Research Group

Behavioral Science

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