Lopez Lab

Graduate Student Mentor

Primary Research Focus

Evaluation of the host immune response in respiratory viral infection at the systemic and mucosal level. My lab focus on characterizing the immune response and transcriptional profiling during viral infection to better understand the pathogenesis during respiratory viral infection as well as develop a predicting model for disease severity and potentially diagnosis.

We perform detailed immunophenotyping on blood samples and nasal wash sample using flow cytometry with characterization of the adaptive and the innate immune system, including B cells, plasma B cells, plasmablast, T cells (CD4/CD8), natural killer cells, monocytes, neutrophils, and dendritic cells. In addition, cytokines measurement in both compartment. Finally, transcriptional profiling by RNA-sequencing on peripheral blood samples and upper airway samples (NP and/or nasal wash).

In addition, we have ongoing pediatric vaccine clinical evaluating safety and vaccine effectiveness.

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