Selya Lab

COBRE Project Leader

Primary Research Focus

Dr. Selya’s main research track seeks to understand the etiology of smoking and addiction among youth. She is especially interested in the role of early-emerging nicotine dependence, which can occur soon after smoking initiation and even before daily smoking habits develop. She is also interested in the hereditary and/or environmental mechanisms by which risk factors act to increase smoking behavior, particularly maternal smoking and prenatal tobacco exposure.

A second major focus of Dr. Selya’s research the drastic increase in electronic cigarette use over recent years, and understanding how that impacts conventional cigarette use, either positively or negatively.

Dr. Selya also studies the unique role of nicotine dependence in exacerbating smoking-related health outcomes, beyond the risk conveyed by objective smoking behavior alone.

Finally, Dr. Selya is involved in several other interdisciplinary projects in which she analyzes administrative health data in order to develop data-driven improvements in healthcare delivery at Sanford.

Her current research projects include:

  • Pathways of prenatal tobacco exposure on youth smoking behavior.
  • Electronic cigarettes’ impact on conventional smoking behavior.
  • Health outcomes associated with nicotine dependence, independently of smoking behavior.
  • Smoking and unplanned medical visits among patients with diabetes.

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