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Graduate Student Mentor
COBRE Project Leader

Primary Research Focus

The Milanovich Lab studies genetic and epigenetic regulations of normal blood development and how perturbations in these processes contribute to leukemic transformation, with a goal to help define processes that lead to the formation of leukemia stem cells.

Leukemia stem cells generate a heterogeneous, genetically diverse population of tumor cells that make up most of the clinically detected, disease-causing tumor. Characterized by unlimited self-renewal, many biological differences exist in these stem cells from most non-stem cells, differences that may cause stem cells to become more resistant to chemotherapy than most tumor cells.

Resistance of leukemia stem cells to conventional treatment explains why many cancers relapse months or years after therapy initially appeared to eradicate all detectable disease.

The lab utilizes various methods to study molecular genetics in patient samples, cell lines and mouse models of normal blood and leukemia development.

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