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Graduate Student Mentor
COBRE Project Leader

Primary Research Focus

To improve the health of underserved youth and American Indian communities through research featuring prevention, intervention and evaluation.

Collaborative Research
Through leadership of the Collaborative Research Center for American Indian Health, research and various evaluation projects to improve the health of our region’s population. The Kenyon Lab has established a diverse network of various collaborations with academic institutions, health care organizations, research institutions, tribal partners and health program nonprofits. One of CRCAIH's aims is to build tribal infrastructure to do research, which improves community-based research with tribal nations. CRCAIH's second aim is to increase the amount of research in social determinants of health in American Indian health. Using strong team science principles, the collaboration collects, analyzes and utilizes data to make informed decisions about population health.

Adolescent/Young Adult Research
Her research determines various risk and protective factors for adolescent health and educational attainment, and applies this evidence to the design of culturally sensitive prevention programming and policy implications.

One driving goal of the Kenyon Lab is to help youth make a healthy transition to adulthood. Through research, lab members determine various risk and protective factors in adolescent health (e.g., reproductive health).

The next step in the translational research process is designing culturally relevant and responsive prevention programming, such as My Journey. These prevention programs help students develop skills to make healthy decisions, ultimately reducing their risk for sexually transmitted infection and teen pregnancy.

The Kenyon Lab also aims to increase the educational attainment of underrepresented undergraduate students through the Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE). Using the Circle of Courage Model as a guiding Indigenous model to provide research internships and hands-on mentoring, SURE students come away from the experience with greater research skills and increase their chances for graduation and attending graduate school. This prevention program helps inform the lab’s research as well, as we have expanded this research to explore how college students’ social networks either reduce or exacerbate their risk for dropping out.

Primary Research Group

Behavioral Science

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