Sanford PROMISE Biomedical Research Investigation Days

Mind-Body Interactions: Research on Stress and Its Influence on Health

The Strahm Lab at Sanford Research focuses on the interactions between stress and health to discern the pathways by which stress affects health, with emphasis on reproductive health and health disparities.


BRI day is hosted by the PROMISE lab at Sanford Research in Sioux Falls, SD. These one day immersive experiences give students the chance to dig deep into a topic. They will learn first hand from research scientists and get an inside look at the research lab. During this BRI day students will dig into the interactions between mind and body and stress and health.

Who: Students in grades 10-12.

Where: Sanford Research - 2301 E 60th Street N. Sioux Falls

Fee: There is no fee to attend this event. Attendance will be capped at 24 students with first-come first served registration.


BRI days are held on days when many local school districts do not have school. Please check your school calendar before signing up to make sure you can attend. Attendance is expected for the whole day. Partial attendance will not be allowed. Please plan to spend the full time from 9:30-4:00pm at Sanford Research.

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